About Us

Welcome to Curl Cardio, where we celebrate the beauty and strength of every curl. Our journey began with our founder, Hayla, whose personal story of embracing her natural hair has inspired our mission and products.

Hayla's Story

Growing up with curly hair wasn't easy for Hayla, a Canadian of Persian descent. She often felt self-conscious about her curls and struggled to understand and manage her hair texture. While others with curly hair seemed to have effortless curls, hers often felt frizzy and unmanageable. The 90s offered limited information and products tailored for curly hair, leading her to get haircuts and use products that weren't meant for her hair type.


The pressure to conform became more intense when Hayla started her career as a flight attendant, where there was an expectation to straighten her hair to fit a more “professional” look. Over time, Hayla began to understand the importance of self-acceptance and empowerment. She decided to break free from societal expectations and fully embrace her natural curls. While this was a liberating experience, finding quality hair care products that suited her curls remained a challenge. Many products on the market contained harmful chemicals and produced mediocre results.


Determined to find a better solution, Hayla started experimenting with her own formulations. Her journey took a positive turn when she visited a curly hair salon and received the right haircut and product recommendations for her specific hair type. This experience was a turning point, inspiring her to delve deeper into the world of curly hair care.


With the help of local formulators, Hayla worked tirelessly to create the perfect balance of natural ingredients and quality results. After years of dedication and experimentation, she developed a formula that works beautifully with most curl types. Thus, Curl Cardio was born—an empowering solution for anyone looking to embrace and enhance their natural curls.

Our Mission

At Curl Cardio, we believe in the power of natural beauty and the importance of self-love. Our mission is to provide high-quality, natural hair care products that enhance and celebrate every curl. We are committed to using only the best ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, to ensure that your curls are healthy, defined, and vibrant.

Our Products

  • Curl-Core Flex-Hold Styling Gel: A premium quality styling gel designed to give your curls the flexible hold and definition they need without stiffness. Our gel is lightweight, moisturizing, and perfect for enhancing curl patterns.
  • Power-Primer Leave-In Conditioner: A premium quality nourishing leave-in conditioner that detangles, hydrates, and prepares your curls for styling. It ensures your hair is soft, manageable, and ready for any look.

Join the Curl Cardio Family

We invite you to join the Curl Cardio family and embrace the beauty of your natural curls. Our products are crafted with love and care, designed to empower you to feel confident and proud of your unique hair. Whether you're just starting your curl journey or looking for better products, Curl Cardio is here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing Curl Cardio. Together, let's celebrate the beauty and strength of every curl.